As a leading manufacturer of high-efficiency water heaters, boilers and pool heaters , Lochinvar Corporation is not only dedicated to providing products that help protect the environment , but is also committed to encouraging green practices within the four walls of the company. Through eco-conscious manufacturing processes, recycling efforts and even lighting overhauls , Lochinvar and its employees have made "going green" a top priority.

Lochinvar's product line includes many of the industry's most advanced, energy-efficient models available. In fact, starting in 1991, Lochinvar led the charge towards Low NOx operation by offering products that comply with emissions limits even before most states established NOx regulations. As the first manufacturer in the industry to obtain certification from an independent test laboratory stating that its products meet or exceed requirements, Lochinvar helped set the standard for equipment that promotes a cleaner, greener environment.

Knight Residential Boilers

As part of the ongoing commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction, Lochinvar continues to research innovative new products and practices that help protect natural resources, while also reducing energy bills.

  • 50,000 - 285,000 Btu/Hr
  • 95.3% - 96% AFUE (50,000 - 285,000 Btu/Hr)
  • Up to 98.6% Low Temp Application Efficiency
  • SMART SYSTEM Control
  • Internal Cascading Sequencer
  • PVC Venting - up to 100ft
  • ENERGY STAR® Compliant
  • Condensing Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger
  • Fully Modulating Burner w/ 5:1 Turndown
  • Qualifies for up to $1500 Federal Tax Credit!
  • Horizontal Vent Termination Included